Polar Automations

What we do

We are constantly innovating and adding new features, here are just a few of our favourite ones

Revolut Tools

Alongside our standard 3DS solvers, we also have a payment detector module that notifies you whenever a payment is made. We also have a feature that allows you to solve 3DS on our server, meaning you don't even need the application open!

Raffle Modules

We support entries and account generator for all Mesh sites including Size? Launches, Footpatrol, and the Hipster

Parcel Tracker

We were the first tool to implement a completely server-side tracking module. Simply enter your tracking details in either the CLI or using our Discord bot and get updates sent straight to your webhook, without ever needing to lift a finger

And lots more..

We constantly pushing new features and improvements to our site list. There is a lot more available on the inside!


We are by far the most developed parcel tracker on the market. We have been tweaking and perfecting the module for 6+ months, meaning it's the strongest out there.


Parcels tracked


Notifications sent


Worth of Nike orders tracked

Commonly Asked Questions

What platforms do you support?

We support both Windows & MacOS

Are there any task limits?

We don't believe that it is fair to limit how many accounts you run, so it is completely down to you.

Is there a referral scheme?

Yes! Just open a ticket and we can provide you a custom checkout link for both of our plans. You will get 20% of the sale price every month they have a license. So if you refer 5 people, that's a free key for you!

Is it hard to use?

One of our biggest goals is for the user to have the best possible experience, and that means making it easy to use. Our tool has detailed guides for each module and we have staff o-hand to help you every step of the way


Don't just take our word for it, check out some of what our users have to say!

From only parcel tracker to 3DS solver, Parcel Tracker, e-mail generator, even includes Raffle Modules! In my opinion the best Tool on the market and the only one I ever need. Roadmap for future updates looks crazy. Developer and also the owner is very kind and nice, quickly anwsers about your questions and tickets. Something need a quick fix? Dev will fix it in a minute, for real! Better give it a try, because now Polar has Free Trial and you won't be disappointed.


Polar Automations member

Has everything you can really ask for as a beginner to a decent level of reselling. It has daily updates and suggestions are taken into consideration by the dev/owner which shows the determination of the group and the love he has for his supporters. Daily updates with guides on how to setup!!! What more could you ask for? He even helps on how to setup through tickets if you want to talk to him personally. I want to say the best feature of Polar Automations are the "parcel tracking" and the "Nike auto-scraper". It makes its much easier to track loads of parcel with the help of this feature. The owner is active and chats with his community and even with his ongoing life, he still gives is effort and time towards making Polar Automations a better group/bot for his supports.


Polar Automations Member

Always on top of modules. 24/7 Tracking updates is phenomenal. Keep up the work, more to come!



Polar Automations member

Great developing skills and very helpful guy

Joel _B#4583

Polar Automations Member

Amazing tool 3ds discord bot is a really unique and great feature. Support is always quick and updates are releasing instantly. Couldn’t be more satisfied with how my trial has started


Polar Automations member

Its a life saver, its been hard for me to track my parcels also lost many of my parcels cause couldn’t be bothered to track every single one of them but polar automation is a life saver. Its also not only about how easy it is, its simple and more understandable. Also the owner of this server is really friendly. I would recommend you using it


Polar Automations member

This discord server has been such a time saver No longer having to check different websites it’s all on one app never done before. Owner is always active to help and keeps improving it everyday highly recommended if you like to sell/buy alot of things @Jed#4535 you are the goat my bro keep doing what you’re doing


Polar Automations member

I use this tool to track all my nike packages and more it makes my life so much easier. Considering it’s free right now the staff are still incredible and even better than some paid bots staff. This is only getter better and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for polar automations!


Polar Automations member

Pricing Options

Take a look below at the two price options we offer. No need to purchase both, Parcel Tracker comes with both!

Parcel Tracker Only
£ 5
Per month
  • Add Parcels through our Discord bot commands
  • uSNKRS webhook scraping
Toolbox & Parcel Tracker
£ 10
per month
  • 7 Day Free Trial
  • Access to all toolbox features
  • Access to all parcel tracker features
  • Access to our mobile app (coming soon)